Create-a-Game is a resource that gives you the tips and tools to create your own game. It's really quite simple, once you follow the recipe! There are 6 categories, each with several options. Think of these options as your "ingredients" that lead you to create your own unique game recipe. 
 How to use the Create-a-Game!

The Create-a-Game series helps to develop: 

Creativity & Imagination
Problem Solving
Physical Literacy
Executive Functioning Skills:
      Planning, Organizing, Prioritizing
      Working Memory
      Self Regulation
Social Skills
Patience  &  Empathy
Accepts 'No' for an Answer

 Creating a new game is just like using a recipe!

1. Select your ingredients:  Choose a card from each of the six categories. You now have the ingredients for your activity!
2. Add your imagination:   Decide how you will incorporate your ingredients into your game. You need to define the rules or instructions for your activity.
You do not have to use each of your selections all the time.

Remember to include the following:

1.  The K.I.S.S. Theory - Keep It Simple & Safe
2.  Can everyone play and be included?
3.  The most important thing to remember: Have FUN!



When you play the game, consider the following:

        • Did the game turn out as you expected? Did the theory of your game when you were developing it, match the practical outcome?
        • Did it work out as you thought? If not, why not? If it did, write your numbers down and name your game. Play it again.
        • If it didn't, troubleshoot to find out where your changes can be made. Not everything works out the first time.
        • How could you adapt this game for a different age group or for people with special needs?
        • What Social Skills did you learn from your game?
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