What to Consider When Creating & Playing Games Workshop

Mr. Rogers, play guru, said “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

If more people understood that learning goes beyond the ABC’s and 123’s then they would realize that  through play children learn positive social skills, executive functioning skills, develop fundamental movement skills and help to create neurological pathways in their brains to enhance all this learning.

Children need a combination of unstructured and structured games lead by caring adult.  Both modes of play assist in shaping a well-rounded children who is able to take on the challenges of life as they are confronted with them.

Our job, as play leaders who support child development, is not only to provide prime those opportunities for children to play, but to share the importance of play with the people who surround those children we serve.

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