The Importance of Physical Activity across the School Day

The Importance of Physical Activity across the School Day

Sustainable action requires a collective dialogue. It’s our belief that sustainable action focused on increasing opportunities for students to be physically active requires a collective dialogue involving many key partners, including students, educators, and experts in physical activity. We believe that action is required to:

  • increase the number of students that are participating in physical activity opportunities, both face to face and as part of remote learning;
  • establish a collaborative process to ensure all schools, communities and families have access to resources, supports and expertise needed to support quality, safe and inclusive opportunities for students; and
  • increase the capacity and reduce the barriers in schools and communities to offer a wider variety of physical activity opportunities for students.
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Playful knitting = a Playful Recess

Play is Applied Learning!

As defined by Dr. Stuart Brown, play is an apparently purposeless activity that is fun to do and pleasurable. He calls play the brain's best form of exercise and suggests that evolution has preserved play for a greater purpose than just fun. 
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Create a quality recess for Virtual learning and In-School

Recess at Home vs Recess at School – Let the games begin!

In speaking with a variety of principals and teachers, the one consistent thing found is inconsistencies.  While COVID has exposed many inequities, it is challenging to find a one-size-fits-all statement.  Not all children in low socio-economic areas are sedentary, or all children in mid to high socio-economic regions are active. 
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Time to Recess Takes Forever!

5 Pieces of the Recess Puzzle

If I were to compare recess today to mine 40 plus years ago (yikes!), you may be surprised at how different they are.  I mean, play is play, right?!  Regrettably, many factors affect play.  Parents with children in elementary school may be aware that societal influences and a school’s fear of litigation infiltrate the playground. 
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The first day of school is ... a play day

The first day of school is ... a play day

I strongly suggest to all administrators that they make the first day of school a play day.

What will this first day of school play day look like? A successful back to school launch ought to be considered from the child’s perspective rather than from an adult’s, especially in this COVID-19 time.

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The metal slide - a joyful playtime in the 70's

Children Who Play At Recess Develop Into Impressive Humans - Blog Series

This blog series will take a unique approach and look at play and recess from a home and school perspective with topics such as:

  • 6 Characteristics of Authentic Play
  • Really . .  .What is recess?
  • How play and recess support the four domains of child development – proof we need recess more than ever!
  • What are the 7 Play Patterns?
  • How do we create a quality recess experience?
  • Homeschool/Virtual School Recess versus “Real” School Recess
  • Withholding recess – helpful or harmful?
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