Fun2Move Floor Decals

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When inclement weather hits, come inside to move and play!  Fun2Move floor decals are Canadian-made, institutional-grade floor decals that will not peel off unless you take them off.  

Fun2Move floor decals are reusable several times when put on a clean floor.

What can you do with Fun2Move Floor Decals:

1) Create your own games

2) Make your own Fundamental Movement Skill paths 

3) Create an Indoor Recess Experience

4) Older children can practice leadership skills by playing games with younger children

In a low-traffic hallway or around the perimeter of the gym, create a Fundamental Movement Skill path for brain breaks, for students who need to time to burn off excess energy, as a warm-up to a PE lesson, for indoor recess.

 This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Sheet of  EITHER Squiggles & Lines r (4 ft x 2'8 ft) OR Spots & Paws (4 ft x 2'5 ft)
  • Games and Active Learning Ideas
  • Fundamental Movement Skills

How To Set Up Your Floor Decal! Check It Out.