Recess Culture

Creating A Quality Recess

To create this experience, it does not have to be overwhelming or daunting and is quite easy to do when you have the correct strategy in place. We have been working in the field of recess for over a decade and we understand the frustration that results from an unsatisfying recess. Students who are not allowed a break from the classroom and who are not permitted a choice of play, are not given an appropriate recess - according to the accurate definition of Recess.

Using evidence-based approach, we have helped schools develop Recess Teams, get to the heart of their problems with a Recess Action Plan, and have fostered a strong school community with our L.E.A.D. Recess training for both the students and adults.

Take a look at the various ways we can work with your school to create a quality experience to improve your recess culture.



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