Creating an Inviting Place to Play

Playground Stencils or Markings

A playground with painted markings is an invitation to play!  Research on playground marking tells us:

  • A playground has colourful game markings children will be more engaged during recess. 
  • If adults and students are trained in the games they will be more widely used
  • If there is appropriate equipment for the playground marking, children are more active.

Playocracy has two lines of stencils:

  1. Game Maker Stencil Kits: This unique line allows you to create your own recess games, an outdoor classroom, fundamental movement paths or anything else you need on your playground.  And you make the activities fit your playground; you do not make your playground fit the stencils!  These reusable stencils are made of Mylar.  This lightweight material is durable, easy to store and economical. 
  2. Large Stencil Games.   These are pre-formed stencils, no changes can be made. These reusable stencils are made from coroplast.  These stencils are large and heavy-duty. When you order these stencils, a deposit of $99 for shipping is required.  We then email you a quote with a shipping estimate.  We will have the final total when the order is boxed and ready to be weighed and measured.  These stencils are non-refundable due to their size
       Triple Hopscotch        Giant ABC Circle