Move@School Curriculum and Stencil Kit


Supporting the Recess Curriculum at your school!

This Kit includes 18 stencils, a package of starter chalk and 50 lesson plans consisting of games and learning activities.  

Each lesson plan contains:

  • A parts list of the stencils you need for this activity
  • A diagram of the game/activity layout
  • An equipment list (if any)
  • Directions on how to play the game with suggestions for adaptations. 

The games/activities provided are just to start you off!  The only thing that will limit what you create is your imagination. Sir Ken Robinson stated “that creativity is as important as literacy and that, further, all children are talented and not afraid to be wrong. Mistakes should not be stigmatized but rather be seen as part of the learning process.”

Create the game with chalk first and if you like it, paint it to make it permanent!