Move @ School - an Innovative Stencil Toolkit



CREATE: Strengthen your school community by working together to create games and activities YOU want on your playground.

LEARN: Combine both traditional and new games to help foster positive social/emotional learning (SEL) through play.

MOVE: When students are included in the playground design, playground markings are more frequently used, increasing activity levels.  

Involve students by:

  • Creating games for themselves or other grades
  • Providing input as to which games they would like to play
  • Let older students take a leadership role to create games for the school
  • Graduating classes can leave legacy games!
  • Student Voice builds a strong, strong community

This Innovative Stencil Toolkit includes:

  • 43 reusable stencil shapes for enhanced learning and play
    • 18 smaller stencils: 'Draft Tools' to create your games in chalk
    • 25 large stencils: paint the games once they have been tested
  • Chalk
  • E-Book of Games, Fundamental Movement Skill Paths and Outdoor Classroom Activities includes:
    • parts list,
    • diagrams,
    • layouts
    • game instructions
  • Paint formulas
  • Tips for painting
  • How to layout playground  games
  • Workbook on how to create games – we have the blueprint for creating awesome games!