Move@School - Create Your Own Games Kit


A brand new concept in playground stencils!  You paint the games that you want and that fit Your Playground!  Don’t make your playground fit the stencil.

We provide you with the tools and 50 layouts you will need to create:

  • Fun Recess Games
  • Outdoor Classrooms with active curriculum games
  • Unique Fundamental Movement Skill Paths
  • Places for brain breaks or to burn off excessive energy.

Make this a cross-curricular project by investigating historical games or games played by various cultures.  Use your stencil shapes to create those games.  Start by using chalk and once you have determined the popular games – paint them.

Involve the students by:

  • Creating games for themselves or other grades
  • Providing input as to which games they would like to play
  • Letting the older students take the lead on this initiative

The students now have a voice that adults are hearing and demonstrating you value their ideas and participation.

Sir Ken Robinson stated, “that creativity is as important as literacy and that, further, all children are talented and not afraid to be wrong.”

This Kit includes:

  • 18 evidence-based stencils for enhanced learning and play,
  • a package of starter chalk
  • 50 lesson plans consisting of games and learning activities.  

Each lesson plan contains:

  • A parts list of the stencils you need for this activity
  • A diagram of the game/activity layout
  • An equipment list (if any)
  • Directions on how to play the game with suggestions for adaptations. 

All Planet Play Kits can be chalked or painted.  If you want to allow for more creativity and flexibility, use chalk.  Just add water (or wait for the rain) and you have a clean slate.  If you want something more permanent, use paint and you can play a favourite game over and over.