emPATHy Conflict Resolution Path Kit


Break the Rules and create a Conflict Resolution Path that fits YOUR Playground!

Conflict Resolution is a learned skill, and one of the best times to learn this skill is during play.  The recess playground provides the opportunity and the emPATHy Learning kit provides the tools.

Create two different paths with these stencils:

  • Path One is for the person who caused the problem
  • Path Two is for the person who was the recipient of the problem
  • They come together at the peace sign once they have each worked through their respective paths
  • There are also spots for reflection or to ask for help from a caring adult

This adaptable kit allows you to put your path where it best suits YOUR needs.

This Kit includes:

  • 16 conflict resolution stencils
  • E-Book of program curriculum provides the meaning for each shape.  Talk about this in-class before going out to recess to help children resolve their own conflicts.
  • Chalk to outline on the playground
  • Paint formulas
  • Tips for painting a playground

All Planet Play Kits can be chalked or painted.  If you want to allow for more creativity and flexibility, use chalk.  Just add water (or wait for the rain) and you have a clean slate.  If you want something more permanent, use paint and you can play a favourite game over and over.