Tool Box 1 - Creating the Blue Print

We lay the foundation to help Recess Teams build a sustainable and successful recess culture for the whole school.  Building your Recess Team is the first thing you need to do and we have created an online workshop to assist you.

Defining roles and providing parameters to help the Team achieve the goal you outline is the key to success.

After your Team is built, the next step is to gather all information your school has regarding recess and put in our Recess Action Plan (RAP).  

This workshop provides a workbook along with your fillable form for your RAP.

A Quality Recess/Physical Literacy Checklist rounds out this first toolbox. 

Recess cannot be looked upon as 15 or 20 minutes spent between two bells;  it also encapsulates the time before and after those bell times. 

Creating and planning strategies that reflect the barriers of children and youth today establishes that students get back into class ready to learn when the second recess bell rings.