Packing Your SuperHero Tool Belt

As an adult you have learned how to control your emotions, how to be resilient and how to solve problems when faced with a challenge. 

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself where you learned these skills?

When children play they learn essential life skills they are not are given the opportunity to experience anywhere else.  Authentic play allows a child to fill their invisible superhero tool belt with the tools that will take them through life. 

When they come across someone who says ‘no’ to their idea, they will pull out Negotiation and Self-Regulation from their tool belt to help them come to a compromise. 

Or what happens if plans need to change due to unforeseen events, you take out your Resiliency Tool.

We also look at the opposite end of the spectrum: for those adults who did not play as children, what does their Tool Belt look like and how are they equipped to face life?

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