How To Make Your Own Bean Bags

We have bean bags you can purchase here, but we know first hand what COVID-19 has done to some of us in terms of finances.  With this is mind, we want to show you how to make your own bean bags!


Step 1: Gather what you need to make your Bean Bag:

  • Bag of dry lentils or uncooked rice
  • Snack-size zip plastic bags
  • Duct tape - colourful is fun! (dollar store)
  • 1/4 Measuring Cup>
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors (a good pair that will cut!)



Step 2: The Process:

Fill the 1/4 measuring cup with lentils. Pour the lentils into the snack bag. Remove as much air as possible when you seal it. Gently move the lentil to one end of the plastic bag and fold over the other end of the bag. Tape it down with a small piece of duct tape or scotch tape. Then fold over the zip end of the plastic bag and tape it down as well. You want to make a little square. Do not make the square too firm, you want a little bit of give in the plastic bag. Now cut four pieces of duct tape. Cut each piece 4.25 inches.



Step 3: The Tape and the Trim

Take one piece of duct tape and lay it on the counter with the sticky side up. Lay the plastic bag with lentils a quarter of an inch from the top of the tape. Flip and add the the next piece of tape on top of the first one so that it overlaps a quarter of an inch. Flip and add two more pieces of tape on the other side. Trim your edges.




Step 4: Get Out and Play

We have had great success with these bean bags as hopscotch markers, for targets or bocce, for playing tic tac toe, or for any other game YOU can think of to chalk on your sidewalk or driveway.




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