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Time to Recess Takes Forever!

5 Pieces of the Recess Puzzle

If I were to compare recess today to mine 40 plus years ago (yikes!), you may be surprised at how different they are.  I mean, play is play, right?!  Regrettably, many factors affect play.  Parents with children in elementary school may be aware that societal influences and a school’s fear of litigation infiltrate the playground. 
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The first day of school is ... a play day

The first day of school is ... a play day

I strongly suggest to all administrators that they make the first day of school a play day.

What will this first day of school play day look like? A successful back to school launch ought to be considered from the child’s perspective rather than from an adult’s, especially in this COVID-19 time.

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The metal slide - a joyful playtime in the 70's

Children Who Play At Recess Develop Into Impressive Humans - Blog Series

This blog series will take a unique approach and look at play and recess from a home and school perspective with topics such as:

  • 6 Characteristics of Authentic Play
  • Really . .  .What is recess?
  • How play and recess support the four domains of child development – proof we need recess more than ever!
  • What are the 7 Play Patterns?
  • How do we create a quality recess experience?
  • Homeschool/Virtual School Recess versus “Real” School Recess
  • Withholding recess – helpful or harmful?
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